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Athletes Serving Athletes
Join me in my efforts to support Athletes Serving Athletes!!

Athletes Serving Athletes, Inc. is an IRC Section 501(c)(3) organization and contributions to it qualify as charitable donations
My name is Andrew. I am fourteen years old. I am an athlete with Athletes Serving Athletes. I joined ASA in October, 2013. ASA helps differently abled kids to get involved in community running events. I have already participated in two 5K and two 10K races. The organization has changed my life. The Wingmen and Captains are so kind. They are very supportive and walk or run over the finish line with us.
I start my races using a race runner (an adaptive walker) for about Ĺ mile then use a jogger which is pushed by Wingmen, my race partners. I finish my races running about Ĺ mile to the finish line, hand-held with the help of my Wingmen. My goal is to use a race runner to complete a 5K on my own.
Iíve been asked to race in Boston. I am honored to run in Boston. I am excited to do this.
Thank you for supporting me and my ASA team! I appreciate your support to get me there.
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