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Athletes Serving Athletes
Our Eastern Shore Athletes and Wingmen

Athletes Serving Athletes, Inc. is an IRC Section 501(c)(3) organization and contributions to it qualify as charitable donations
The mission of ASA is to support "differently-abled" athletes (there is nothing "dis" about them!) to compete in mainstream athletic events. I have been a Wingman (support runner) for nearly 3 years when my youngest son, Nathan, was invited to join the team as an athlete. My teammates have taught me so much about what it truly means to be an athlete. (Even when I lettered in two high school sports - including track - I never considered myself an athlete because I wasn't "fast," "good," or a "winner.") Through their example, I've learned that being an athlete has much more to do about setting your own goals regardless of your circumstances or what others might say, working hard without complaint, enjoying the process and never, ever giving up. Being a member of this team has blessed me with a sense of joy, belonging and determination that I hadn't experienced on other teams. I've been motivated to run faster and further to better serve (and keep up with) our athletes.
I've long held a semi-secret goal to run a marathon. I thought I would have done it long before age, leg lymphadema and some neurological issues set in - not to mention being a wife and working mom to three great kids. Following our athletes' lead, I'm not letting that stop me. I've been training for the Marine Corps Marathon that takes place on October 25, 2015, but I can't envision myself training this hard or running that far without the effort serving a better cause. Our team relies on fundraising to cover our expenses that include equipment and race entry fees (which we cover so the athletes' involvement isn't curtailed by concerns about cost) Because we have some adult athletes with their sites on completing a triathlon (Yeah, really!) We have a goal to purchase a "Tret," a specially designed recumbent bicycle that can be attached to a Wingman's bicycle.
So, with all that in mind, I ask you to search your heart for what you could donate to my fundraising effort to support our team. Any amount is needed and appreciated. It all adds up so that Together We Finish. You may not choose to run a marathon, but you will all definitely be with me in spirit as I strive to complete the 26.2 miles. Thank you so much for being my "Wingman"
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